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Cannot hide.


The Father's Heart.




Culture of Honour.

Loving People into their Identity.

Loving People into a Family.


Hearing the Voice of God.

Spirit-led Discipleship.

Kingdom Destiny.

We love God’s presence! Without His presence we are lost. We desire and pursue Him with all that we have. We love encountering His presence, for there is no better place to be. So we live to worship God and Him alone.

The closer we draw to His presence, the more we understand His heart. Therefore, we have burning desire to share His love with others. Our desire is for others to encounter His loving presence too. We believe that His presence changes and empowers us. With this change, we can help liberate people from the powers of sin and enter into a life of freedom that Jesus Christ has won for us.


So as we love His Presence, we are also drawn to love People, and we live with Passion.

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