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Micro Campus

City on a Hill is partnering with Pacific Life Bible College to provide theological and ministry training for our internship program.

  • All courses are 15 weeks long, of which 12 weeks require a class gathering with a 90-minute recorded video provided by PLBC.

  • Videos include lectures from professors, and discussion time

  • Students taking the courses for credit complete assignments and exams in addition to the weekly video class.

  • All assignments are given feedback and marked by PLBC faculty.

  • Please see for reference: 

  • "New Testament Survey"

  • Sept 10- Dec 10, 2020

  • Thursday evenings: 7-9pm

  • Audit student Free (non-credited)

  • Credit student $325 (credited at PLBC)

  • Classes conducted via Zoom


Please register with COAH on the micro campus events page to reserve your spot in the Zoom channel:

After registering with COAH, please register with PLBC using the link below to actually apply and pay for the course.

  • Apply online with PLBC. 

  • You will then receive a formal application in your email asking for a personal reference and a pastoral reference. 

  • Please submit the fees if you are taking this for credit. (A high school transcript is required for credit courses.)



Micro Campus


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